Mary Hamby Owner & Designer of Twenty Two West

Mary Hamby

Owner & Designer of Twenty Two West

I am a full time artist working out of my studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. The name of my business, Twenty Two West, comes from a place that inspires me - the address of the home where I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina. My goal is to combine nostalgic roots with modern designs in each of my handmade pieces. I use the classic techniques of weaving, ceramics, and woodworking to create wearable art and to build approachable sculptures that suit the modern home. My passion is to connect people with beautiful and attainable art. 

Cameryn Stout Twenty Two West Intern 

Cameryn Stout

Twenty Two West Intern 


The process. . . 

Small loom block2.jpg

My loom blocks are a step toward the goal of creating beautiful and attainable art. Each loom block begins by sanding through reclaimed wood to expose the unique figure. Once the loom is built, I begin shaping the clay, firing it, and gilding each piece by hand, and finally layering in colors and textures using responsibly sourced fibers. Every loom block I create shows the process of weaving encased in a finished piece. No two of these sculptures are ever the same - each one has its own personality that comes to life throughout the handmade process.

My woven necklaces are a wearable version of the loom blocks. Each necklace is hand woven out of naturally dyed cotton threads on a miniature loom. Once woven, the textile is then stitched onto a wild North Carolina pottery base after it comes out of the kiln. Finally a long chain is added to allow you to take this piece of art into your everyday life.  


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